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3 Tips for the Perfect Family Vacation Plan

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It’s the time of year when we are finalizing our family vacation plan! Since Keith and Dani graduated, we have planned an epic trip to visit 3 of our national parks: Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and the Rocky Mountains.

Natalie’s graduation trip consisted of 9 days in Rome, Italy. With two graduates, we had to go just as big, if not more so, for this one. We also had to think of what they both enjoy most and incorporate that into this trip. We began discussing ideas for it while we were still in Rome, but we didn’t make any final vacation plans until about 6 months ago.

Enjoying Vatican City!

That got me thinking about what exactly goes into planning a perfect family vacation.  Each family is unique, and there are several factors that you need to take into consideration before planning your next epic travel experience.  However, there are three main points that everyone needs to address in order to have a perfect family vacation plan!

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First: Who’s going?  

Deciding who will be going on the trip is a HUGE factor in planning any vacation.   For our Yellowstone trip, only the five of us are going. It was the same for our Rome trip, we wanted to celebrate this important milestone (graduating) with our immediate family.  We’ve taken several amazing large family trips with both sides of our family, and we’ve also camped with some close friends.

Think about who you will want to be on your next family vacation.  Is it just your immediate family or will you have extended family with you?  Will there be older adults on the trip? Are kids going, and if so, what are their ages?  Will you have any infants on the trip? Is it a large group or a small group? Is there a destination everyone in this group can all enjoy?

These are all vital questions you need to ask yourself, and those traveling with you.  If you make plans with who’s going in mind, you can set up the best vacation plan possible!

Second: When are you going?

The timing of your family vacation is essential for several different reasons. If you’re visiting Alaska (most people) won’t want to schedule that family vacation in the winter. Florida in July is extremely hot and humid, so that trip might be better planned in the spring or fall. Trust me, we’ve been there, done that!

Planning  the perfect family vacation.
Planning the perfect family vacation in 3 easy steps!

If you have school-aged children, you probably should plan your trip around their school breaks. We took our camper to Washington DC and to Panama City Beach on two different fall break trips. We also flew to Disney World on a spring break adventure together!

Adult work schedules are also a factor in scheduling a family vacation.  Our upcoming Yellowstone trip is planned during my husband’s “shutdown” week for his job.  As a teacher, I have to schedule around the school schedule AND my summer training. Planning a large family vacation during Uncle Bob’s project deadline will make it nearly impossible for his family to attend.  

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Deciding when to go on this family vacation is crucial in finalizing your destination plans!

Myrtle Beach 2016

Third: What do you want out of it?

You (as a group) need to think: what do we want out of this vacation?  Do you all need to chillax and unwind? A beach destination or a nice campground are two great places for a relaxing family vacation! 

At the beach, you’ll be sipping a fruity drink with your toes in the sand. With camping, you can kick back around a campfire without a care in the world.  In other words, choose a destination that’s relaxing for YOU.

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Do you crave history?  Europe is chock full of historical sites, priceless works of art, and 1000+-year-old buildings. Washington DC is also a history buff’s paradise!  From Arlington National Cemetery to the Smithsonian, you can learn innumerable facts and stories all about American history. Plus, many museums and historical sites in the nation’s capital are FREE to visit.  There are a crazy amount of options when looking for historical sites to visit around the world.

Is hiking/backpacking your thing?  Most state and national parks in the US have hiking trails marked and mapped for your convenience.  Canada also has a wonderful national park system, and several other countries around the world have similar preserved areas set aside for people to enjoy.  

We have taken several different types of vacations over the years.  Some have been just us five. On other trips, we have gone with my family or Chris’ family.  Each of these trips had different purposes and different needs based on what everyone wanted out of the trip.

Why They are Important

All three of the questions must be asked before you can have the best vacation plan for your family.  By asking the right questions you can ensure you’re choosing the best place and time to take your family on an amazing adventure!

As a busy mom, I know it’s essential to ask the right questions when scheduling the next epic adventure with your crew.  I’m so bad about it that I start dreaming of our next family vacation just as soon as the last one ends!  

Since I’m always thinking of our next family vacation, I have TONS of experience picking out the perfect destination.  I’ve taken this experience and pulled together the Ultimate Family Vacation Destination Checklist for you! And, I’m offering as a freebie to every Faithful Ninja Momma subscriber!  

All you need to do is click here, fill out a little info, and the checklist will zip into your inbox.  If you’re already a subscriber and you want to get your hands on the free checklist, go ahead and click on the link too.  I promise not to overload your inbox either way!

Feel free to share this post anywhere and everywhere!   The more people we can help plan their next amazing family vacation, the better.  

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