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    10 Things to Make Chemo Patients Feel Better

    Anyone who has had cancer, or loves someone that does, knows that cancer treatments can make them feel absolutely horrible!  Recovering from surgery can take a long time.  Radiation often burns the skin and other parts of the body.  And, depending on the type used, chemotherapy has a ton of different side effects!   Even though we know these treatments can work, it’s still so hard on your body at the time.  A lot of people want to help, but they have no idea where to even start!  For me, surgery was hard, but chemo was the worst.  So, in this post, I’ve included 10 ways that will help make chemo…

  • Preparing for Cancer Treatments
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    Start Preparing for Cancer Treatments With These 12 Steps

    Hearing a doctor say, “you have cancer,” will turn your world upside down.  Not only are you one of more than 17 million people who are diagnosed with cancer each year.  You might also be thinking of the 9.5 million people worldwide who will pass away from the disease.  Plus, you will need to start preparing for cancer treatments.  In this article, there are 12 steps to help you prepare to battle cancer.   What Are the Different Types of Cancer Treatments? First your doctors will decide what type of cancer you have. Then your doctors (usually more than one) will help you decide on a cancer treatment plan.  Fortunately, there…