Cool Gift Ideas for Dad

Cool Gift Ideas for Dads Who Cook

A few weeks ago I shared my ultimate kitchen gadget gift list for moms. I hope this list has been helpful when shopping for the mom in your life. But, we don’t want to leave the guys out. So if you’re searching for cool gift ideas for dad or any guy who cooks, you’ve come to the right place!

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Cool Gifts for Dad in the Kitchen 

Most dads who like to cook can be found in two places: at the grill or in the kitchen. Many are comfortable in one of these places, but I know several who are comfortable in both places.      For starters, we are going to look at cool gift ideas for dads to use in the kitchen.

A Cheese Melting Pan Makes an Awesome Gift

What man doesn’t love cheese? Actually, I can’t think of many people I know who don’t like cheese!  Since most men I know like cheese, a cheese melting pan is our first suggestion on the list of cool gift ideas for dad.  

Cheese melting pans melt all the cheese for you all by itself.  Because of this, everyone can use the perfect amount of cheese they want to go with the dish they are eating.  You won’t hear anyone complain that they didn’t have enough cheese with this handy tool around!   

Cool Gift Ideas for Dad
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Bear Paw Meat Shredders Make Awesome Cool Gift Ideas for Dad

Having a pig roast is a ton of fun, but shredding the meat can be a huge hassle!  Forks and knives are so messy and take a ton of time.  So what’s a good alternative?  A bear paw meat shredder is the perfect addition to the list of cool gift ideas for dad!

Just grip your bear “paws” with each hand, grab into the meat, and shred away!  Before long, you’ll have perfectly shredded meat for your next pig roast or bbq.

Gourmet Knife Sets Make Very Cool Gifts

Any experienced cook knows that a good knife set is worth its weight in gold!  Preparing ingredients with dull, mediocre knives takes so much time.  You also get poor results.  So another item on the list of cool gift ideas for dads who cook is a good knife set.  

Some people like to buy good knives individually.  But buying each knife separately can be very expensive!  If you can find a good quality knife set, it will save you time and money.  Plus, I love the look of a matching knife set!

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit With This Great Gift

A lot of guys I know like spicy food.  I sell a bunch of my super hot salsa to these types of men.  My son is even growing his own Carolina Reaper plant, so he can have spicy peppers all the time!

Since so many guys like a little spice, I’m adding a make your own hot sauce kit to the cool gift ideas for dad list.  Think about it as a science experiment in your kitchen.  Your dad, or any other guy you know, will love mixing and concocting their own hot sauce recipes.  

Gift Ideas for the Grill Master Dad

Although it’s getting more common, not every guy is comfortable in the kitchen.  But most guys I know can grill like it’s nobody’s business!  Maybe it’s the use of fire.  Or it could be that cooking outside makes them feel closer to nature.  Whatever it is, grilling tools have to be on the list of cool gift ideas for dad!

Heat Resistant Gloves Make a Cool Gift

Grilling food requires a lot of heat.  And where there is heat, there are bound to be burn injuries.  So one cool gift idea for dads who love to grill are heat resistant gloves.

There are tons of options to choose from when buying heat resistant gloves.  You can get a pack of disposable gloves.  Or, you can purchase a nice set that will last a long time.  There are even different color options.  So if you know your dad’s favorite color, you can order a set of heat resistant gloves that are perfect for him!

BBQ Tool Sets are Cool Gift Ideas for Dad

Anybody who likes to grill needs a good grill tool set.  That’s why a grill tool set has to be on the list of cool gift ideas for dad.

Whether you’re buying the grill tool set as a gift, or planning to use it yourself, you will want to buy a good quality product.  A durable stainless steel grill set will hold up well to the heat.  Many grill sets also come with a nice carrying case.  This can make your grill tool set a fancy gift for the dad in your life!

Another Cool Gift Idea is a Grill Master Apron

Since grilling is hot work, a grilling apron makes a great addition to our cool gift ideas for dads.  There are tons of styles to choose from, too!

If your dad spends a lot of time at the grill, then you might want to invest in a leather grill apron.  Those can get rather pricy.  But if you think your dad would use it, then it might be a good option.  

Along with function, many grill aprons come in fun designs.  This “The Grill Father” apron might be a huge hit with some dads.  Or, you can get an apron personalized with his favorite sports team.  Or you might want to try this grill master apron that holds tons of accessories.  There are pockets for all your dad’s tools, condiments, and even a place to store his drinks!

Cool Gift Ideas for Dad
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Two Bonus Gift Ideas for the Dads Who Enjoy Good Food

Not every dad likes to cook, and I’m sure there are plenty who don’t enjoy grilling.  But I guarantee they all enjoy good food!  Here are a couple of bonus cool gift ideas for dads. A good blender makes a cool kitchen gift for anyone.  

This year I invested in a Ninja blender, and my husband absolutely loves using it.  He’s in charge of chopping tomatoes for our homemade salsa, so he gets to use the ninja a lot.  My father in law uses his Ninja to puree fruit when making homemade ice cream!  So a good blender is always a cool gift idea for anyone.

An air fryer is another great gift for a dad that loves good food, but they aren’t so great in the kitchen.  Most air fryers will cook a lot of different foods quickly.  The food is often more healthy than if it had been deep-fried.  But it’s still yummy to eat!

I hope this list of cool gift ideas for dads who cook will help you find the perfect gift for the dad in your life.  Whether they enjoy cooking, grilling, or just enjoying delicious food, I’m sure you can find something the would love on this list!

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