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11 Tips to Get a Fresh Start And Love Your Life

Most people feel the need to get a fresh start at different times throughout their lives.  This fresh start can be as big as moving across the country.  Or, it can be as small as starting a healthy habit.  Either way you look at it, if you feel bored or in a rut, a fresh start might be just what need to love your life!

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Why Do You Need a Fresh Start?

There can be many reasons why a person would need to get a fresh start in life.  But most of these reasons can be put together in three main categories:  beginning a brand new life, an end of an era, and being in a rut.  Let’s explore a little more about each of these reasons to get a new start in life.

Beginning a Brand New Life

Getting a fresh start can be a great way to reset your life.  It can help you feel renewed and refreshed.  One of the best times to get a fresh start is when you’re beginning a brand new life. 

What are some ways people decide to begin a brand new life?   A new job, marriage, or baby are often the beginnings of a brand new life.  All of these events are wonderful, but they are also big changes for anyone to deal with.  Getting a fresh start after one of these events may be just what you need to feel energized again!

But not every beginning of a brand new life is happy.  Getting divorced is a horrible way to change your life, but sometimes it happens.  Losing your job is also a stinky way to begin a brand new life.  And having a loved one pass away will shake anyone to their core!  These are all awful ways to begin a brand new life.  But after getting through the pain, a fresh start might be just what you need!

Get a Fresh Start With Endings and New Beginnings

Another reason to get a fresh start is the end of a season.  The seasons of our lives change all the time.  We are usually in three phases: starting a new season, in the middle of that season, or the end of a life season.

Leaving elementary school, middle school, and graduating from high school are all the ends of life seasons.  I can remember all of these milestones for myself and my kids.  My oldest graduated from college on Saturday.  Realizing this is the end of a season for her has blown my mind!  In my mind, she should still be a baby, but the reality is that she’s a real, live grown-up.

I plan to retire in a couple of years, so the end of my teaching career will probably be my next “end of a season” experience.  This retirement will be a great way to end the current season of my work life.  Plus, it’s a great way to get a fresh start!!!

Start Afresh When You’re In a Rut

Everybody gets in a rut sometimes!  Maybe your job doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere.  Or maybe you’re just bored.   Getting in a rut can be a great reason to search for the possibilities for a fresh start.

Getting in a rut might involve several different life situations.  I’ve felt like my life’s in a rut several times over the years.  Right before graduating with my teaching degree, I was in a MAJOR rut with college. It was so hard to keep going. Fortunately, I graduated a few months later, which gave me the fresh start I was craving!

Doing the same job over and over can make anyone get in a rut. Our family routines and schedule can become boring and make us feel the need for a fresh start. 

How Can a Fresh Start Help You Thrive?

Needing to get a fresh start is not always a bad thing. In fact, a fresh start often gives us energy and excitement that’s been missing lately.  This renewed energy might be the kick-start we need to take our lives from surviving to thriving!

Find Renewed Energy When You Get a Fresh Start

Have you ever watched a kid who’s excited about something?  You can almost see the energy bouncing off of them!  They can keep going for hours and hours with the anticipation of it.  Boy, do I wish I had half their energy, lol!

What’s one of the most awesome ways to find that extra burst of energy?  Getting a fresh start!  A fresh start can give you a jolt of energy when you need it the most.  It can also help you keep moving forward.  And forward is where you need to be!

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A Fresh Start Leads to New Ideas

In the last section, we talked about how a fresh start can give you a burst of energy.  For me, this extra burst of energy starts my creativity in motion.  And this new creative spark can lead to some great ideas!

When you find yourself in a rut, it can be pretty hard to think of new ideas!  You’re not in the flow and your creative juices suck.  Getting a fresh start might be just the ticket to get you thinking again.

How to Get a Fresh Start With These 11 Tips

So, if you’ve read this far, you’re looking to get a fresh start.  Maybe you’ve graduated or started a new career.  Or maybe you’re in a rut with your current situation.  

 Whatever your reason, you’re ready to get a fresh start in life.  So, how can you do it?  What’s the best way to get that burst of energy that only a fresh start gives?

I’ve worked through several fresh starts in my lifetime.  From graduating college, getting married, starting a career, to surviving cancer, I’ve seen a lot of new seasons in my lifetime.  With all the experiences I’ve had to get a fresh start I have been able to make a list for you.  Here are my 11 best tips to get a fresh start in life!

Start Fresh By Getting More Rest

In our go, go, go society,  adults push themselves to be productive all the time.  But actually, this constant busyness can end up being counter-productive.  

People need rest.  Rest restores the mind and body.  It can also help you get a fresh start in life!  Every once in a while, you should take a day of rest.  Our bodies were designed for it.  Even God rested on the 7th day of creation. “So the creation of the heavens and the earth and everything in them was completed. On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy because it was the day when he rested from all his work of creation.”
‭(Genesis 2:1-3).  Even a few minutes of rest can be beneficial.

Sleep is also important for getting the proper amount of rest.  The average adult needs to sleep between 7-9 hours a night.  But many of us struggle to get that on a daily basis.  Carving out time to sleep is important for getting a fresh start.

Focus on Your Health for a Fresh Start

Getting more rest is a great way to start getting healthy, but why not take it a step further?   Focusing on your health can be another great way to get a fresh start!  

You don’t have to overhaul your entire health at one time.  In fact, trying to change too many habits at once can lead to fatigue.  This fatigue is one reason why people don’t stick with their New Year’s Resolutions.  

So it’s important to start small.  Maybe you want to eat less sugar in your diet.  Or you could make a goal to walk for 30 minutes every day.  Any little step taken to get healthier is a good idea.

Spend Time in Nature to Renew Your Mind

Nature is a great rejuvenator!  Even spending 5 minutes outdoors can put you in a great mood.  So spending time in nature is a great way to get a fresh start!

It’s not always easy to schedule spending time in nature into our busy activities, but it’s important to do it!  You could take a quick walk through a local park on your lunch break.  Or, you could plan ahead for a weekend hike.  Even tending a small garden can give you the renewal of spending time in nature.

Take a Break to Renew Your Mind

Renewing your mind is an awesome way to get a fresh start.  Sometimes this mind-renewal can come from taking a break.

There are many different ways you can take a break.  You can take a break from watching TV.  Or maybe you need to schedule one night at home a week.

With all the negativity out there, one of the best breaks I give myself 1-2 times a year is a social media break.  Spending less time on my phone, and more time in the present is a much-needed break for my mind.  Plus, I can feel my mood lift after I spend some time away from it.   

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Start Over by Getting Organized

Getting Erin Condren LifePlanner™” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow”>organized!

You don’t have to suddenly be super organized and live in a pristine home.  You can start small.  Cleaning out your closet or organizing your pantry are both awesome ways to start getting organized.  Maybe your Change Your Look to Get a Fresh Start

Rebooting your look is another refreshing way to get a fresh start!  I mean, what better way to feel amazing and look it too when you update your Going out and buying a whole new look can be expensive.  But you don’t have to do it that way.  You can start small by cleaning out your closet.  After you weed out everything you don’t LOVE to wear, you can start looking for items that will complement the Earlier this year I transitioned to a capsule wardrobe.  Although it’s still a work in progress, I love wearing a streamlined look.  So changing your look might be a great way to start afresh!

Start Over With a New Hobby

If you’re feeling a little bored, a new hobby can be a great way to get a fresh start.  Feeling bored is a sign that you need to try something new.  Trying a new hobby might be just the ticket to renew your mind and soul!

10 years ago my family started martial arts classes.  It was so much fun trying out something we knew absolutely NOTHING about!  We didn’t know what to expect at first.  But now we can’t imagine our lives without all the knowledge we’ve gained through Central Shaolin Martial Arts.  Plus, our dojo friends have become our close family over the years!

Reevaluate Your Commitments

Most of us are super busy!  We spend a lot of our time turning our wheels to get things done that aren’t important at all.  Getting a fresh start is a perfect time to reevaluate your commitments!

If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that so many of the When did being busy become our badge of honor?  News flash- you don’t have to do all the things!  So reevaluating your Look at what you’re scheduled to do and then focus on what you really have to do.  Then, cut out all of that extra baggage from your life!  Decide what’s important, and do that.  Everything else can be done by someone else.

Prioritize Your Tasks for a Possible Fresh Start

While re-evaluating your When thinking about what you need to do and what you don’t, setting tasks as a priority can be a great way to reset your life.  You need to take the time to evaluate and prioritize your life.  Everything that isn’t important can be done later or done by someone else.  By setting the Set Realistics Goals to Create New Beginnings

Once you’ve organized your life, reevaluated your commitments, and prioritized your tasks, setting realistic goals is a great way to start a new beginning!

Like I’ve said before, you don’t have to do everything at once.  Start small with your Last year I decided to write every day.  Since I’m blogging, I decided that writing every day was important.  I did miss one day in February, so I had to start over with my one year of writing.  But I’m now on track to reach my 1 year on February 11th.  In a couple of months, I’ll be super proud of setting a Whatever you want to do, set a small goal, and work to achieve it!  This small, realistic win might be just what you need to keep going.  Whatever you can do to move forward, that’s awesome.  Keep keeping on!

Any Day is a Good Day to Get a Fresh Start

Whichever way you choose to get a fresh start, it’s important to remember that it’s never too late to do it.  Any day is a good day to get a fresh start!  The important thing to remember is to take that first step.  

I hope your fresh start brings you joy, energy, and a sense of fulfillment!


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