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Christy Kinney- Faithful Ninja Momma
Hello World!

Hey there!  My name is Christy, and I would like to welcome you to my little piece of the internet- Faithful Ninja Momma 😊

The goal here is to help women live their best lives possible! Faithful Ninja Momma was created to encourage moms to develop stronger family relationships and grow their faith in God through all situations. I’m super excited to start on this journey with you! Here are a few quick facts about me…

Growing Up On the Farm

I grew up on my family farm in central Kentucky.  My dad farmed full time and my mother was a teacher.  My brother, sister and I were taught the value of hard work and strong family values.  Faith in God was a huge focus as well!

Marriage and Family

I’ve been married to my best friend for 24 years!  He’s a rock star husband, father and a hard worker. He’s also my number 1 go-to for support. 

Any marriage has it’s ups and downs. We can be 100,000,000% in love one day and ready to strangle each other the next! But both of us have a strong faith in God, and neither of us is willing to give up. So I guess we are stuck with each other, LOL!

With My Loving Husband
My favorite guy!

We have 3 amazing adult children:  ages 19, 19, and 21.  I know it’s crazy, but we didn’t have 3 small children under two and a half years old! Our son, who’s in the middle, is adopted. He was five when he came into our lives. 

Adoption is a very important part of our family! We are insanely thankful to God for bringing this wonderful young man into our lives! Of course, we are also proud and thankful for our amazing daughters.  They are hard-working, driven, and strong-willed (which can be a blessing AND a curse). We can’t wait to see how they all change the world!

In Sickness and in Health

14 years ago, my world was rocked by cancer. It was soooo tough to go through surgery, chemo, depression, and anxiety, all while raising a young family. But, because of these struggles, I learned to put more faith in God and to trust Him to work all things for the best in my life. I also knew that I needed to encourage others faced with terrifying health issues!

These 14 years post-cancer have not been perfect or easy.  My husband and I have both had several job changes. We’ve both had our share of health issues. Add to that the business that comes with parenting 3 kids through ALL the stages. From having 3 little kids to high school, and on into college/career choices it’s been a roller coaster ride!  God’s grace, along with amazing family and friend support, is the only way we have made it this far.

 Faith, Family, and Fitness
It’s all about balance!

Healing and Moving Forward

Life after cancer, or any serious health issue, takes on a whole new meaning. One thing that is more important to me now is fitness, both physical and mental.  I want my body to be as healthy as it can be. I know that (most) of the food I eat needs to be nourishing and my mental state needs to be healthy too.  One way I learned to tackle both was through martial arts

Martial Arts is Awesome!!!

9 years ago my children asked if they could join a karate class.  After talking to the instructor I decided to join the class too, and  I am so thankful! Central Shaolin martial arts have done SOOOOO much for my physical and mental health. It has also helped our family of 5 to grow in confidence and discipline as we earned our black belts!

Faithful Ninja Momma First Martial Arts Picture
The night we bought our gis for White Belt Class!!!

My Purpose

The purpose of Faithful Ninja Momma is to help women who are on the struggle bus, whether it be work, family, health, or finances.  Through sharing my faith, struggles, and experiences, my goal is to help make the journey a little easier for someone else. 

So, if you are ready to share this journey, hit that subscribe button, and join the fun!


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