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Hey There, Friend!

Christy Kinney- Faithful Ninja Momma

Have you ever felt that the chaos you’re living in will never stop? You know, that feeling where you’re stuck in a hamster wheel, going forward as fast as you can, but never getting anywhere? Yeah, that’s been me most of my adult life!

Finding Peace in the Crazy

These last 20+ years, I’ve spent a ton of time wishing my life was less chaotic! Like most women, I find myself craving peace and rest. And it seems like everyone wants something from me, all the time!

Don’t get me wrong… there’s so much I love about my life. My husband of almost 25 years is my best friend and the love of my life, and my kids make me proud every day! I have been blessed in so many ways that I’ve lost count.

With My Loving Husband
My favorite guy!

But I still need peace. I crave just a few minutes of rest for my soul. My body, mind, and spirit need to be nurtured. And guess what? Yours do too!

Faithful Ninja Momma was created with one goal in mind- helping women find contentment and lasting peace in the chaos of everyday life. I write content with you in mind. In it, I include tips for family life, marriage, and well-being. I also touch on my faith, and how it keeps me (somewhat) sane!

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Find contentment through the chaos at Faithful Ninja Momma…

I’m super excited to start on this journey together. Connecting with other women like me will help us all become the best version of ourselves! So, if you are ready to share this journey, hit that subscribe button, and join the fun!


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