Praying for Your Family

Praying for Your Family Everyday

As a wife and mother, my family is one of the biggest priorities in my life.  In fact, if it weren’t for Jesus, my family would take the top spot.  Since they are so important, it’s a good idea to spend a lot of time praying for your family.  

There are three key points to cover when you’re praying for your family.  Giving God thanks for your family, praying for their protection, and praying for your family relationships are three easy ways to begin praying for your family.

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Thanking God for My Family in Prayer

One of the first things to think about when praying for your family is being thankful.  God has given us every blessing in our lives.  He’s provided so many good things for us.  Being thankful for our most important blessings, our family is a wonderful way to pray over them.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 reminds us of this, “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”  Since your family is involved in most parts of your life, thanking God through all circumstances includes praying for your family.  

1 Thessalonians 5:18
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Be Thankful for Your Spouse

This one is for all of the married ladies out there.  If you’re married, then praying for your family should include being thankful for your spouse.  

Take some time and make a list of all the things you appreciate about him.  It can be anything, big or small.  For my husband, some of the things I would write down are his work ethic, his dorky sense of humor, and his love of Christ.  Then when I pray for my husband each morning, I can mention a few of the things that make me thankful for him. 

Now let’s be real for a minute.  You’re not going to FEEL thankful for your husband 24/7.  If yours is anything like mine, he can drive you over the edge like crazy!  But, using this list will help remind you why you are thankful for your spouse, even when his annoying habits have pushed those grateful thoughts out the window.  

By actively being thankful for your spouse, praying for your family can help you remember the good qualities your husband does possess.  Even if he’s not using those good qualities right now, lol!

Praying for Your Family
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Thank God for Making Your Children Who They Are

If you’re a mom, another reason to be thankful is your children.  So when you spend time praying for your family, be sure to thank God for your children.

I am really good at praying for success or protection for my kids.  But, I often forget to simply thank God for them.  They don’t always do what I want them to do, and I would love to control all of their choices, but that’s not realistic.  Plus, it goes against what God wants from me.  

God created each of my kids as unique individuals.  They have their own looks, thoughts, dreams, ideas, likes, passions, and talents.  As a mom, that can be hard to handle.  Even when our kids are little, we can’t control everything about them.  Having teenage and adult children is even more difficult!  

Sometimes we need to simply thank God for making our kids who they are.  For giving them all of their talents and thoughts that make them the one-of-a-kind miracles they are!   Being thankful for them is a great way to begin praying for your family.

Praying Protection for Your Family

I’m a natural-born protector.  I want to keep my family safe and help them be successful.  But I’m also human, so I really can’t control either of those things.  One thing I can do is pray for protection over my family.  Whenever you pray, praying for your family should include prayers for protection. 

Psalms 121:8 is a great verse to pray for protection.  “The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever,” reminds us that we should trust God with our protection.

Psalms 121:8
Psalms 121:8

Pray for Health and Safety

When praying for your family, the first thing to think of is asking God to protect their health and safety.  These are two areas where we (as moms) have very little control!  This is especially true as your kids grow up and start lives of their own.  It can make even those cool moms FREAK OUT!  (P.s. I’m not one of those moms…)

I have several friends who have lost children to tragic accidents, and my heart breaks all the time for them.  I can’t even imagine.  Some of my mom friends have children who were permanently injured.  And others have dealt with kids who are desperately sick.

I also have friends who have said goodbye to a spouse way too early.  Whether it be from sickness, an accident, or a devastating divorce, the effects of these events will be endured for the rest of their lives.  

Knowing that we aren’t promised tomorrow, the only hope we have is in Jesus.  I will continue to pray for the health and safety of my family.  As a human, that’s all I can do.  But, I can rest in the hope that Jesus brings.  

When praying for your family, remember to ask for protection.  And if His will is not what you asked for, and that protection on this earth ends, I pray that you find peace in the everlasting promises we will have in Heaven. 

Pray for Guidance for Your Family

Along with health and safety, praying for your family to have guidance is also very important.  As a parent, I hope my family makes wise choices.  

When my kids were younger, I could influence their decisions.  I could even make some decisions for them.  The first year we had our son, they all wanted to join a fall sports team.  Since my husband worked nights, and I can’t be in three places at once (I’ve tried, it doesn’t work), I decided that all of my kids would play soccer.  This made my schedule a lot easier to manage!

As my kids grew up, they were in charge of making these types of decisions.  They also had to make decisions about getting a job and doing homework around their after school activities.  Praying for guidance as each one faced these choices helped to calm me.  And I’m sure it helped them make these hard decisions too.  

Over the years, my husband and I have had several opportunities to change jobs in our career.  During each of these times, we’ve talked and prayed together.  Giving these decisions over to God has always helped us to make the right choice for our family and each other.  Praying for your family should always include prayers of protection and guidance.

Praying for Your Family
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Praying for Your Family to Stay United

If you have a strong family unit, then you can bet that Satan has a plan to cause you problems.  The more love and strength your family possesses, the more he’s going to come at you.  So praying for your family to stay united is crucial.  It might be one of the most important prayers you can offer!

Colossians 3:13 reminds us, “Make allowance for each other’s faults and forgive anyone who offends you.  Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.”  If we can remember to forgive our family members, our family unity will stay strong.

Colossians 3:13
Colossians 3:13

Praying for Your Family When Facing Problems

Many times in my life I’ve heard that we are all dealing with problems all the time.  You’re either getting ready to have something go wrong, you’re in the middle of your struggle, or you are just coming out of it.  This is true for everyone in a family.  And these struggles often affect more than the people involved.  So praying for your family when they are facing struggles is extremely important.

As a mom, my kids’ struggles are my struggles.  I hurt and worry along with them.  I want to fix whatever is wrong in their lives.  Even when I can’t, or shouldn’t, fix things for them, I feel their pain almost as if it’s my own.  When praying for my kids, I need to give their struggles to God.  

In that same way problems that parents are facing have a direct affect on the kids.  My kids had a lot of anxiety when I was battling cancer.  They were worried about me, of course.  And they also worried about the stress being put on their dad.  

My kids have also worried about our finances.  They have worried when we argued and when their siblings got in trouble.  I must remember this when in prayer.  When praying for your family, remember the problems you are all facing.  Be sure to bring those to God every time you pray.

Pray for Family Forgiveness

Since we’ve already talked about families having problems, then praying for your family to have forgiveness goes right along with those problems.  

If you have a great relationship with your family, then you are close to one another.  But with that closeness, there’s bound to be conflict.  And with that conflict comes anger, frustrations, and hurt feelings.

Many awesome families have been ripped apart by these conflicts.  One or both sides just won’t forgive and move on.  Maybe you said something ugly to your kids that you can’t take back.  Or maybe one of your kids has made some horrible life choices.  When these things happen, it’s extremely difficult to fix the damaged relationship.

Knowing that we will have conflict and hurt feelings, we need to pray for forgiveness continually.  Not only for our own forgiveness, which we need every day.  But also for our families to be forgiving towards each other.  

Praying for Your Family to Have Peace

When praying for your family, asking for peace is a wonderful request to ask of Him.  We have been promised in Phillippians 4:7, “Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand…”   When praying for peace, we must know God is in control.  Even when it seems hopeless.  When our family and relationships are falling apart, God is still God.  We can share in His peace by remembering who He is and what He has promised.

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