Samuel's Forever Family

Samuel’s Forever Family- One Couple’s Incredible Story of Family Adoption

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We are in our second week of adoption stories.  I hope you have enjoyed these last few posts and have noticed how much of an impact it can make on the entire family. Writing Amy’s story last week was such an inspiration to me. I am so thankful she allowed me to share her adoption story with you (if you missed Amy’s story, click here).

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Today, I am THRILLED to share with you another amazing story!

This one comes from my friend Dorena and her husband Alan.  I worked with Dorena for many years at the same elementary school.  They were blessed with the adoption of their son, Samuel 13 years ago this December.    

Dorena and Alan had tried persistently to get pregnant.  After all the effort, and, even visiting a fertility specialist, they found out that getting pregnant was not an option for them.

Their adoption story begins on December 3, 2006, when they received a phone call asking if they wanted to be parents.  Dorena had a family member who was pregnant. She knew that she was not prepared to raise her unborn child in the best way possible.  So, she decided that Dorena and Alan would make wonderful parents. She also made sure they were contacted and asked if they wanted a baby!  They went to the hospital and were able to hold their son the day after he was born.

As a private kinship adoption, Dorena and Alan’s out of pocket expenses are estimated around $5,000.  This amount is significantly lower than other forms of private adoption (see my post on adoption costs here).  But, they did have to pay some legal/paperwork fees during the process.

The wait time is always hard…

According to Dorena, the most difficult part of the process was waiting for the adoption to be finalized.  The wait time may vary between the types of adoption, but for every parent anticipating a complete, legal adoption, this process can seem excruciatingly slow!   

The most rewarding part of their adoption, Dorena says was, “knowing it was God’s will and blessing for us to become parents to Samuel.”  

As far as the most challenging part, since she was 45 at the time of Samuel’s adoption, Dorena says it was their age. Getting up with a crying baby is challenging, but the older you get, the tougher it becomes! (I can attest to that after spending time with my young nieces and nephew.)

More great advice…

When asked for words of wisdom she would share with prospective adoptive parents, Dorena gives simple, but meaningful, advice.

“Go for it, and enjoy the journey that lies ahead.”

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