Couples Who Are Best Friends

Secret Benefits of Couples Who Are Best Friends

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“Today I marry my best friend…”  I’ve seen variations of this poem at several weddings for the last few years.  It’s often attributed to Bertrand Russell, but the actual origins are unknown.   This poem is a sweet and tender addition to any wedding ceremony.

One reason this quote has become so popular is because many people like the idea of couples who are best friends.  We eat up this sweet and romantic side of a love story!  

But the reality of couples who are best friends isn’t just a tender, romantic feeling.  It takes real work and commitment for happily married couples to become best friends. And more effort is needed for couples to stay best friends throughout their years together.   Here are 15 secret benefits that couples who are best friends experience.

The Happiest Married Couples Have Fun Together

Couples who are best friends enjoy being together.  They genuinely have more fun with each other than anyone else on earth!  

Couples Who Are Best Friends Like to Hang Out

If your best friend is your spouse, then you love hanging out together, and it usually doesn’t matter what you’re doing.  You could be doing yard work, watching a movie, or running errands, but it doesn’t matter! Simply being with your best friend is worth it!  That’s why couples who are best friends hang out with each other.

Couples Who Are Best Friends
Couples Who Are Best Friends have fun together!

They Go on Fun Dates

Although couples who are best friends like hanging out anywhere, they also search for fun events to experience together.  They visit theme parks together and have a blast riding all the big rides! Or they plan a fun vacation somewhere they’ve never been.  And maybe they take in a concert or a cooking class together. Happily married couples think of new and exciting activities to enjoy with their best friend!

Best Friends Act Silly Together

Many couples who are best friends enjoy acting silly together.  When I get all excited about something, I tend to bounce up and down and bob my head, with a dorky grin on my face!  Since my husband pointed that out a few years ago, I make sure to do it every time I’m excited. It’s sure to make him laugh!

They Have Inside Jokes

A good sign that a married couple is best friends is watching them have inside jokes.  One of them will say something silly, and the other will crack up, but everyone else is clueless.

My husband and I have several inside jokes.  Many of these are quotes from old movies and TV shows.  We’ll take turns starting the quote and finishing up with the punchline.  It’s hysterical to us, but most people around us just don’t get it. And that makes us love these inside jokes even more!

Couples Who Are Best Friends Trust Each Other

Trust is a HUGE factor in any relationship!  And couples who are best friends tend to trust their spouse in many ways.

They Are Honest With Each Other

Happily married couples show a lot of trust toward one another.  They trust their spouse to honor their marriage and their feelings.  They also expect their husband or wife to be honest with them. 

Couples who are best friends feel open enough to be honest with one another.  They also know that their spouse has their best interest at heart while being honest with them. 

A Happily Married Couple Shares Their Feelings

Another thing that married couples who are best friends have in common is sharing their feelings freely with their spouse.  They know that their marriage is a safe space, and they can put their feelings out there without fear.  

They Give and Take Advice from Their Spouse

Along with sharing their feelings, happily married couples are more willing to give and accept advice from one another.  My husband and I often bring our struggles to each other. And we both are willing to give advice from an outside perspective.  

When couples support each other this way, their intimacy will grow.

Secrets of Couples Who Are Best Friends
Best friends are comfortable with each other!

When Couples Have a Best Friend Relationship They Are Comfortable Together

Another sign of couples who are best friends with each other is how comfortable they are together.  A married couple that is happy together is shown by how comfortable they are together.  

Best Friends Aren’t Afraid to be Themselves

Couples who are best friends aren’t afraid to be themselves at all.   This freedom brings intimacy to their relationship that wouldn’t exist if they weren’t this close.  

A happily married couple in a best friend relationship isn’t afraid to show every part of their personality.  The good, the bad, and the ugly. And let’s be honest, we all have an ugly side.  

When you’re completely comfortable together, then you and your spouse can help one another through the bad times.  Instead of being defensive, you can lean into one another for support. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.”  If your spouse is your best friend, you’ll make each other better.

Couples who are Best Friends Make Each Other Better
Proverbs 27:17

Couples Who Are Best Friends Have a Deeper Connection

Having fun with your spouse and trusting them are key ways to have a strong relationship.  But couples who are best friends have a much deeper connection with one another.

Happily Married Couples Work as a Team

Couples who are best friends work together as a team. They present as a united front, with an “us against the world” bond.  Even if they disagree in private, in front of everyone else, they stand together. 

They Are on the Same Page

Teamwork makes the dreamwork…” is the perfect example of couples who are best friends with each other.  These couples are on the same page and are in sync. They either have the same goals, or they work together to achieve each person’s individual goals as a team!

Have you ever heard of happily married couples beginning to resemble each other?  I’ve seen this happen! In fact, it often happens in my own marriage. My husband and I find ourselves dressing alike when we go out together, and we didn’t even plan it, lol!

Couples Who Are Best Friends Plan to Grow Old Together

Growing old together is what almost every couple plans to do.  Sadly, aside from the beginning of their marriage, a lot of couples aren’t able to put in the work to stay together.  Couples who are best friends plan to stay together through the long haul. Their ultimate goal is to grow old together.

The Happiest Married Couples Treat Each Other Well

If a happily married couple is in sync, then they, in turn, will treat each other well.  The husband and wife will both put the other one first in their relationship. They will think of the other’s wants and needs before their own.

Ephesians 5:28 says, “In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as they love their own bodies.  For a man who loves his wife actually shows love for himself.” This verse is the perfect example of how married couples, especially couples who are best friends, should treat each other.  

Couples Who Are Best Friends Love Each Other
Ephesians 5:28

Their Arguments are Less Damaging

All couples will argue.  They will have disagreements.  You have two imperfect people joining their lives together.  If you go into marriage thinking you’ll never fight, then your relationship is destined to fail.  

But couples who are best friends know that their arguments are only temporary.  They know that whatever disagreements they may have, they are committed to staying together and working through their problems.  These couples are also more willing to apologize, makeup, and move on past the argument.  

The happiest married couples also know HOW to argue with their spouse.  They love their spouse, and honestly don’t want to hurt them. So as a rule, they will practice being kinder and more thoughtful when they argue.  

Couples Who are Best Friends are In it to Win it!

If a couple wants their marriage to be a success, they have to be “in it to win it.”  This means they are totally committed to their marriage, and they will do whatever it takes to make their marriage last.  Couples who are best friends know the importance of making their marriage a priority. The happiest couples are in it to win it for life!

If you’re married, what’s your secret to marriage success? I’d love to hear any tips you have!

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