Have Fun With Your Spouse

Simple Ways To Have Fun With Your Spouse

Marriage isn’t easy.  There are tons of stresses that will attack your marriage from all angles.  Learning how to have fun with your spouse is essential to ensure your marriage happiness!  There are many simple ideas for you and your spouse to have fun at home, going out, and also to have a couple’s getaway.   Very Well Mind lists 14 Fun Things Couples Should Do Together.

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Have Fun with Your Husband at Home

Many couples struggle to schedule date nights or a couple’s getaway.   Couples with young kids might have a hard time scheduling a date night away from home.  If they don’t have babysitters nearby, it can be almost impossible.  

Add to that the financial burden some couples face, getting out of the home for a date night just can’t happen.  Married couples need to be prepared to have their date nights at home, when needed, in order to strengthen their relationship.  Learning how to have fun with your spouse at home is critical for your marriage to survive!  

Plan a Movie Night for a Great way to Have Fun at Home

A movie night can be an awesome way to have fun with your spouse!  After the kids go to bed you can pop some popcorn, plop down on the couch together, and spend a couple of hours escaping from reality.

There are so many options now to watch a movie at your house.  You can rent from Redbox or pull out an old favorite from your personal DVD collection.  You can also stream one from Amazon or Netflix. My husband is great for recording movies on our DVR so we can watch them together!

And if you have kids, there’s no shame in putting them to bed a little early every once in a while.  It’s not going to kill them, and it will give you and your spouse more time for your date!

Play a Game To Have Fun With Your Spouse

Have Fun With Your Spouse
Find Ways to Have Fun With Your Spouse

Another way to have fun with your spouse at home is by playing games.  There are many games that are fun and don’t cost a lot of money. And with the added technology of today, there are tons of options.  You’re bound to find something you’ll both enjoy!

For starters, classic card and board games are a great game option!  Many families already have these at home, so you don’t have to go buy them.  And if you do, they are usually cheap. Plus it can be a lot of fun to pull out an old Uno card deck or that Monopoly box and remember playing those games from your past.

Gaming systems and online gaming are SUPER popular today, and they are another good option for you and your spouse to enjoy together.   A few years ago, my husband and I would have a blast on the Xbox Kinect Dance Central games! Today, we enjoy playing VR when our girls’ boyfriends bring them over.  Whatever types of games you like, playing games with your spouse are great activities for couples. 

Home Improvement Projects

Many wives have a “honey-do” list for their husbands.  This is a list of home improvement and repair projects you’d like your husband to do on his time off.

Even though this is a great idea, creating a “we-do” list might be even better!  With a “we-do” list, you plan your home improvement projects as something you and your spouse can do together!

Our home was built in 2003, so we’re now in the process of making some updates on it.  Four years ago we put in hardwood floors throughout our main floor. And this past winter, we painted several rooms, added a backsplash to the kitchen, and put down new flooring in our powder room.  It was hard, work, and didn’t always go as planned, but I’m glad my husband and I did most of the work together! Along with spending time with each other, doing it ourselves saved us a TON of money!

Get Outside- one of the Best Activities for Couples!

You usually don’t have to go somewhere to get outside and enjoy nature with your spouse.  Taking a walk or a jog together might be fun. 

You could also improve your outside space by doing some yard work. Every spring, my husband and I plant flowers and buy some hanging baskets to decorate our front yard.  A few years ago we built a new flowerbed by adding a retaining wall along the side of our driveway. Each time we come home, we can see that flowerbed as a reminder of the fun we had building it!

Growing a garden is another great way to have fun with your spouse and get outside!  Even if you have limited space, working in a small garden together is a rewarding way to spend your time.  Not only are you getting some exercise, but you’ll have fresh produce to add to your diet in a few months. It’s also one of the best fun couples activities that will also save you money!

We’ve had a garden for years, and a few years ago we started making salsa with the tomatoes, onions, and peppers we grew in it.  Last year, we took it to the next level and began selling our homemade salsa. We made over $500 profit and we still have salsa from last year.  We also have about 50 quarts of green beans and several bags of frozen peppers for cooking!

Go Out to Have Fun with Your Spouse

It’s important to have fun with your spouse at home  But when you’re able, going out is one of the great activities for couples to do!   Get a babysitter, if needed, and spend some time away from home with your husband. 

Go for a Drive

Going for a relaxing drive can be a great way to have fun with your spouse.  Hop in the car and start exploring together.

Taking a drive down a country road is an awesome way to unwind with your spouse!  Some of our favorite “dates” have been the drive to the restaurant, movie, or store we’re going to. 

But you don’t need a destination to enjoy the uninterrupted time together.  Sometimes, my husband and I take a drive to see God’s handiwork in nature. From the vibrant colors of fall to the spring blooms, we enjoy talking to one another while taking it all in from our car!  Some people do the same thing on a motorcycle or on horseback. It doesn’t matter how you do it, taking a drive (or ride) together can be a great way to have fun with your spouse!

Simple Ways to Have Fun With Your Spouse
Find Unique Ways to Have Fun with Your Spouse!

Schedule a Day Trip or Date Night

Let’s say you have a longer amount of time you can get out as a couple.  Scheduling a day trip or a date night can be a wonderful way to have fun with your spouse!

A day trip is exactly what it sounds like, you and your husband plan to spend the whole day together, away from home.  There are several different fun couples activities you can plan for this day trip.

Some couples enjoy thrift shopping together. Taking a day to visit flea markets and yard sales would be a wonderfully fun activity for couples who enjoy this.  Other couples who enjoy tackling projects around the house might take a day visiting greenhouses and home improvement stores. If you have the time, day trips can be great things for couples to do together.  

If a whole day isn’t feasible, then a date night might work better.  It’s one of the best things for couples to do together. No wonder it has become THE classic way for couples to spend quality time with each other!

Each couple’s date night can be as different as their day trip could be, depending on what they want out of it.  Some couples want a classic “dinner and a movie” scenario. While others want to visit a museum or take in a play.  Whatever you and your spouse choose, as long as you’re having fun together, it can be a great date!

Have Fun With Your Spouse by Planning a Couple’s Getaway

If you have time and resources, a couple’s getaway is the ULTIMATE way to have fun with your spouse!  It’s also one of the best things to do with your spouse to reconnect with them. Even though it can be difficult for some couples, planning a getaway as often as you can might be exactly what your marriage needs to grow stronger.

Take a Couples Camping Trip

A couples camping trip is a great getaway option!  It’s also an awesome way to have fun with your spouse!  Plus, it can be one of the more economic getaways for a couple to plan.

All you really need is a tent and a campsite to plan a couples camping trip.  The US is full of state and national parks. Other campgrounds are also available throughout the country. 

If you have a camper, then your camping trip can turn into a “glamping” vacation!  Many modern campers have full hookups, AC, TV/DVD/Radio, and full cooking capacity included!

Last fall, my husband and I spent 3 nights camping at Big Bone Lick State Park.  It’s only a 40-minute drive from our home, but it was far enough away for us. We enjoyed the campsite and the area around it.  The state park museum boasts one of the best-preserved mastodon heads out there. It’s close to Cincinnati, which offers tons of activities for a couple to enjoy!  My point is, camping is a great option for couples to enjoy a few nights away together..

Plan a Longer Getaway

I know that for some couples, even a night away is difficult to manage.  But, if you can make it happen, a longer getaway is an amazing way to have fun with your spouse.  

For us, and for most married couples with kids, a longer getaway is not always easy to plan or carry out.  Not only do you need a house sitter, but you need someone to take care of your kids as well. This is even more stressful because I would trust a lot more people to take care of my animals than I would with my kids for several days!

Our first long couples getaway was a trip to New Orleans in 2015.  And let me tell you, I wish we would have taken that time together sooner!

It was Spring Break and our 19th wedding anniversary.  Chris and I had no idea what we wanted to do, but we knew we wanted to get away together for a few days.  After talking with our kids, who convinced us that they would be fine if our house sitter would stay with us we decided that the Big Easy was the perfect place to visit!  

We made some quick hotel reservations, called my aunt who lives there, and took off driving!  We spent 4 nights in the city and loved every minute of it. From Bourbon Street to an Easter crawfish boil, to the Garden District, to a nighttime cruise on the Natchez, it was a wonderful time of renewal for our marriage.  

So even though a longer getaway takes some time and effort to plan, it’s an important way to have fun with your spouse when you can!

Fun Things Married Couples Do Together

As you can see, there are some awesomely fun things married couples can do together!  The point is, you need to find simple ways to have fun with your spouse. However you can do it, you must do it.  It’s important for your marriage and your sanity!

What are the ways you plan to have fun with your spouse?  Please comment below.

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