Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Mom

Ten Unbelievably Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Mom

Can you believe it’s already September?!  Aside from the cool fall clothes, and the pumpkin “everything” we start seeing this time of year, September’s arrival starts me thinking of my Christmas shopping list.  It might be a little crazy since it’s only the beginning of September.  But I like to start planning early!  

Many moms spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen.  I know I do!  And, I’m always looking for new tools to help me work smarter and maximize my time cooking.  So, I decided to compile a list of the best cool kitchen gadgets for mom.  Each tool in this list is something I can’t live without in my kitchen!  Maybe you’ll find something you (or another mom you love) can’t live without either!

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Kitchen Tools that are Fun to Use

Some cooking jobs can be a little bit boring.  Many recipes have you do the same thing over and over again.  So, I’m always trying to find tools that will be fun to use.  Here are some cool kitchen gadgets for mom that help this mom have more fun cooking!

A Cheese Grater is a Cool Kitchen Gadget

Store- bought shredded and grated cheese is a big no in my kitchen.  For starters, the price markup is crazy!  And, do you know what they add to those convenient little bags to keep the cheese from sticking together?  SAWDUST!!!

We have a normal cheese grater, which is fine.  But, it takes a long time to shred or grate the cheese.  Plus, you can accidentally cut your hand while using it.  So, on my wish list this year I’m asking for a rotary cheese grater  Not only will it be safer to use, but I can pretend that I’m a waitress in a fancy Italian restaurant!  I’m excited to add this cheese grater to the list of cool kitchen gadgets for mom.  

Cookie Cutters Make Cool Gifts for Mom

Another fun item that I want to share in my cool kitchen gadgets for mom list is cookie cutters.  I love to make cookies, especially in the winter.  

Every year, right before Christmas, my nieces and nephews come to my house for a cookie making party.  We have an awesome time making and decorating the cookies together!  Along with making all the fun Christmas shapes like candy canes and snowmen, we also make a cookie nativity scene together. 

I used to cut out Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus shapes with a butter knife.  But, a few years ago, I found this awesome set of nativity cookie cutters and ordered them!  It’s been awesome to enjoy our cookie making fun and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas all at the same time.  That’s why cookie cutters make it on the cool kitchen gadgets for mom list!

Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Mom
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The Ninja Blender is Awesome

Okay, so the Ninja Blender is my new favorite item on the list of cool kitchen gadgets for mom!  In fact, it’s such a cool gadget to have, I could add it to every section of this post.  But for now, let’s put it with the tools that are fun to use.

During salsa canning time, I use a blender or food processor daily.  It’s the quickest and easiest way to chop up the tomatoes for our homemade salsa recipe!  

Well, about a month ago, right in the middle of a salsa batch, my blender broke.  Trying not to panic, I called my inlaws, who live down the road, to see if they had something I could borrow.  My father in law said I could come down and grab their Ninja blender for a few days.  So I did.

After using the Ninja Blender the first time, I was hooked!  It only took about 2 seconds to chop the tomatoes up perfectly.  

I bought my own a week later, and it’s still just as awesome!  I enjoy making salsa, smoothies, and frappes in it.  That’s why the Ninja blender makes it to this list of cool kitchen gadgets.

Kitchen Tools that Will Save Time

The last section was all about the cool kitchen gadgets for mom that are fun to use.  Having fun in the kitchen is great.  But, saving time while cooking is even better!  So, in this next section, I want to share my favorite kitchen gifts that help me save time in the kitchen!

Immersion Blenders Save Time and Make Cool Gifts

I’ve already shared how my Ninja blender should be on every section of this list.  But sometimes, I don’t want to pull out the whole machine, use it for a few seconds, and then have to wash every part.  If I have a small blending job, I pull out my handy immersion blender for it!

An immersion blender should always be on the list for cool kitchen gadgets for mom (or anyone).  For starters, it’s quick and easy to use.  Like my Ninja blender, the immersion blender does the job in seconds.  

But, unlike a traditional blender, there are not as many parts to wash after using it.  Only the cup and blending head need to be washed after using my immersion blender.  Having fewer dishes to wash is a HUGE time saver for anyone! 

One of the Best Kitchen Gadgets Ever is the Rice Cooker

Growing up, I had never heard of a rice cooker.  My family cooked rice on the stove, in a pot with boiling water.  And, more often than not, I was guilty of letting the water boil over while cooking it!

A few years ago, I saw my mother in law’s rice cooker and wondered what it was.  She explained how it would cook the rice perfectly, and then keep it warm until we were ready to eat.  This seemed like an awesome time-saver for me, so I was thrilled that Christmas when she bought me a rice cooker as a gift later that year.  

My rice cooker saves me tons of time in the kitchen!  Anytime we want to have rice, all I have to do is decide how much to make, measure it all out, and turn it on.  When everything is ready, we can have yummy warm rice with our dinner!

A Crock-Pot is One of the Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

I can’t make a list of cool kitchen gadgets for mom and not mention the Crock-Pot.  This handy tool has been around since the 1940s.  The Crock-Pot, or slow cooker, has helped families save time and enjoy delicious meals for 80 years.  

Like a lot of families, my family is busy too.  It can be hard to get in home-cooked meals running from work to sports to church activities.  These busy days are a great time to break out the slow cooker!  For most recipes, you can dump the ingredients in it, set the temperature, and let your food cook on its own.  Then, after all that running, your family can come home to a hot and yummy home-cooked meal!

Multi-Use Kitchen Gadgets for Mom

When buying kitchen gadgets, I like to get the best value I can.  Any tool that will do more than one thing makes me happy. So of course I need to add multi-use kitchen tools to the cool kitchen gadgets for mom list!  

A KitchenAid Mixer is One of the Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

I’ve mentioned before that my mother in law gave me a rice cooker for Christmas several years ago.  I liked it so much, that she started looking for other useful kitchen gadgets I might like.  So that next year I unwrapped a KitchenAid mixer.  I was so excited to use it, and quickly found out that it’s one of the best multi-use kitchen tools I have!

Of course, you can use the KitchenAid mixer to mix cookies and cakes for baking.  It will do all the same jobs a normal mixer will do. But, what sets the KitchenAid on the cool kitchen gadgets for mom is all of the attachments!

My KitchenAid came with a normal beater, a whisk attachment, and a bread hook attachment. I enjoy making my own whipped cream and other fluffy foods, so the whipping attachment is perfect for it. I also like using the bread book to knead bread dough. When making bread it does all the work for me!

There are other attachments you can buy separately that go with the KitchenAid mixer.  They have anything from a vegetable corer/peeler all the way to pasta making sets!  The options are almost limitless.  

An Instant Pot is One of the Best Gifts for Mom on the List

Another one of my absolute FAVORITE cool kitchen gadgets for mom has to be the Instant Pot!  It’s such a cool tool to use and it can save you tons of time.  Plus it will cook almost anything.

The Instant Pot, or any kitchen tool like it, uses pressure to cook food much more quickly than usual.  The pressure also helps to lock in the yummy flavors that might escape a normal oven.  

Most Instant Pots have several different cook settings.  Some of the settings my pressure cooker has are for soup, meat, eggs, cake, and slow cook.  It also has a manual option, which I use a lot.  

Normal-pressure cookers that you use on the stovetop can be a little dangerous.  I have to be really careful when using my pressure canner to can green beans.  Letting the pressure get too high can cause an explosion!  But the danger is a lot less with the new Instant Pot and other pressure cookers.  You can set the time and amount of pressure needed to cook.  And when it’s done, the device stops cooking.  

I love pulling out my Instant Pot and setting it to cook a delicious meal.  The food tastes great, and I love all of the different options I have to cook with it.  Plus, it’s a wonderful time-saver in the kitchen!

Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Mom
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A Convection Microwave Oven Makes a Great Gift

Since the 1980s, a microwave oven has been a staple gadget in the American household.  It allows you to cook or reheat food quickly, saving us all tons of time!

But, the microwave does have it’s drawbacks.  For starters, most microwaves are small.  You can only cook one thing at a time.  Another downside of a microwave oven is it warms up some spots of your food much quicker than others.  That means the outer edges of your food can be super hot, but the inside is still cold!

To solve that problem the convection microwave oven is now available!  Not only will it cook your food quickly, but it also uses convection technology to circulate the heat inside of it and evenly cook your food.  This makes it a cool tool to have in your kitchen.

On our last vacation, the house we stayed in had a convection microwave oven.  We used it several times that week, and really liked how well it cooked or reheated our food.  In fact, we liked it so much that we are looking for one for our home now!

An Air Fryer- One of my Favorite Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Mom

One of my favorite kitchen gadgets that I use almost every day is my air fryer.  I’ve wanted an air fryer for years, and last year I finally settled on one.  

One thing about the air fryer that puts in on the cool kitchen gadgets for mom list is that it will fry food, without all the fat and calories!  All you have to do is prepare your food for frying, maybe add a little bit of oil, then “fry” it to the desired taste.  I’ve made tons of food in mine.  One of the favorites at our house is air-fried potatoes!  They are perfectly crispy and taste wonderful.

The air fryer I finally settled on has several other cool functions besides frying.  We have an air fryer combo that will fry, bake, broil, toast, and warm-up almost anything!  I love baking in it.  And you don’t have to preheat the air fryer, so I don’t have to remember that step.  Not only would it be a good gift for mom,  but it’s a great idea when looking for kitchen gifts for someone else!

Bonus Cool Kitchen Gadgets for Mom

I know I promised you 10 cool kitchen gadgets for mom, but I just have to sneak a couple more of my favorites in this post.  Even though they don’t make the top ten list, both of these bonus items would be a huge hit as a gift!

The first bonus I want to mention is a coffee maker.  This is an essential kitchen tool at our house!  Plus there are a lot of options to choose from when finding the coffee maker that’s right for you.

The second bonus item I love using in my kitchen is an electric skillet.  My mom gave me an electric skillet a few years ago.  I love how it gives me an extra “pan” to use!  And it’s really big, so I can cook a large batch of food in it.  I love making a huge batch of fried rice in it!

There you have it, my list of ten unbelievably cool kitchen gadgets for mom!  I hope this list helps when deciding on a gift to buy for the busy moms or anyone you love who spends time in the kitchen.


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