10 Benefits of Your Kids Becoming Adults

Raising kids is HARD! It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. I know other parents will agree. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into your kids becoming adults.

A year ago we were celebrating the last of our kids’ high school graduation. Last week, my youngest turned 19 years old.  With only two and a half years between all three of our kids, these coming-of-age moments have hit us hard and fast since they entered high school.

As a parent, it seems like only yesterday we were bringing our oldest home from the hospital, signing our son’s adoption papers, and walking our youngest in on her first day of kindergarten.  The days march on slowly, but the year’s race by, faster and faster as each one passes.

I’ve loved my kids through each season of life.  A lot of moms get upset at their children growing up. But I have to say, watching my kids becoming adults is my favorite time with them! It’s great watching them grow up and make mature decisions. Over the past few years, I have found 10 huge benefits of kids becoming adults that will make you glad they are growing up.

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They Can Drive Themselves

Although this usually happens during the middle teen years, having extra drivers around the house is an AWESOME benefit of your kids becoming adults.  They can drive themselves to school and home. Getting them to and from extracurricular activities is much easier when you don’t have to provide the ride. They can also drive to and from work!

Many parents start thinking about all the worrying when their kids start driving, and that was very true for me too. But, the extra time you’re not spending as a taxi driver will help you handle it. A little extra prayer doesn’t hurt either.

Kids Becoming Adults
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Kids Becoming Adults Can Run Errands for You

You’ve been running errands for your kids for YEARS, so now that your kids are becoming adults, it’s time for a little payback.  When they ask to drive to a friend’s house, give them a shopping list to pick up on their way home.  Does little brother need a ride to baseball? Hand your grown-up kid the keys, sit back, and relax.  If your car needs repairs, they can give you a ride home.

Anytime I don’t have to stay out all afternoon running errands is a good time for me! Plus, when your almost-grown kids run a few errands, it teaches them responsibility. Now I have time to clean the house and cook a good meal for a change.

They Have Jobs and Pay Some Bills

With driving, comes car payments and insurance, neither of which are cheap.  Teenagers cost a FORTUNE to insure. And I bet none of your other bills are getting any smaller. One of the benefits of your kids becoming adults is having them start paying for some of their expenses.

Not only does this help you with expenses, but it’s a huge lesson in responsibility.  You can’t expect a young person, who’s had ZERO experience paying for anything, to suddenly manage money perfectly.  Kids becoming adults need to be taught this skill. A part-time job is a perfect way to do just that!

With our three kids, we pay their car insurance, but they are in charge of their vehicle payments.  Each of them works a few days a week. This allows them to pay their car payment every month. They also have some money left to save and spend.  Two of them have already paid for their cars, and the youngest is actively working on it.

They Make Their Own Choices

For many years, you’ve made a lot, if not all, of the choices for your kids.   One of the benefits of kids becoming adults is now it’s their turn. Making their own decisions is another important experience they need to be successful.   It’s an exciting time for them, and a little nerve-wracking for us!

Our son loves to spend money on his truck. Every time he finishes a new upgrade, he starts thinking of the next thing to do. But now that he’s looking for an apartment close to his school, he has realized that he needs to save more money than he was. So he’s stopped spending money and had started saving every dime he can We are so proud of him for thinking it through and making a mature decision.

Kids Becoming Adults Take Responsibility

This is a tough one, but it is another important skill to have.  People who never learn to take responsibility for their own actions will not go very far in life! They may not love it at the time, but kids becoming adults need to take some responsibility and own their mistakes.

My youngest had the opportunity to blame other people for something that didn’t go her way yesterday.  She could have complained about being distracted or blamed the people in charge, but she didn’t.  “I take full responsibility,” was her response.

I know she was disappointed with the way things turned out. But we can not be more proud of how she handled it. Seeing our kids becoming adults and taking ownership is awesome!

They Have Their Own Life

With the growing independence of kids becoming adults, they will meet new people. They will also get a chance for new experiences.  I love it when our kids in college come home and tell us about life on their own.  They’re meeting people and experiencing new things all the time.  

This summer, our girls got an apartment near their school. They both have jobs nearby and are enjoying making a “home” away from home. Even though we will miss them, it’s nice to watch your kids becoming adults and loving it!

Kids Becoming Adults Set Life Goals

This might be my favorite, watching my kids becoming adults as they set goals.  It’s awesome to see them work this through and make decisions. And we don’t mind giving advice when they need it!

Our son has taken a little bit of time deciding what he wants to do, and that’s perfectly fine with us.  So many people choose a career too early. Then they are either miserable or change their mind over and over again.  

We are glad that he took some extra time to weigh his options, and decide what he wants. The career he is pursuing is one we thought would be a good fit a few years ago. But part of becoming an adult was setting this goal on his own.

Kids Becoming Adults
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They Think of Other People

My kids aren’t perfect, even as young adults. But nothing makes me more proud than when they are thoughtful and helpful to other people.  Thinking of other people might be the most important lesson for kids becoming adults.

It can be as simple as holding open a door or thinking of ways they can make someone’s life easier. Either way, my heart is happy knowing that they have grown up to be caring young adults!  

They Become Your Friends

I’ll always be their mom. But, it’s freeing to know that my kids becoming adults means they don’t need much parenting anymore.  When this happens, it’s a good time to become friends with your children.

You can talk about life with them. I share my ups and downs, and even ask THEIR advice for a change.  Over the last few years, I’ve found out that I have a lot in common with my kids. I love getting to know the awesome people they have become!

They Still Love You and Want You in Their Lives.

Okay, so I’ve changed my mind, this one is my definite favorite!  It’s awesome when your kids are becoming adults, and they still want you in their lives.   

Even though they are mostly independent, it’s still awesome when they call to chat.  Plus, it’s even better when they stop by! I love it when our house is full of our kids and their friends.  It makes me so happy that they want us to be a part of their lives.

Well, there they are!  The top 10 reasons I love my kids becoming adults. I hope this list helps you remember the good parts of your kids growing up! Coming soon, I will be sharing some payers I pray over my kids during this season of life.



11 thoughts on “10 Benefits of Your Kids Becoming Adults”

  1. roseallenmccauley

    Glad you are getting to experience some of the joy we experienced with you all! love you Lots! Mom

  2. Yes yes and more yes! I love the list and agree. My oldest is now 21 and my second graduated a year ago. I do love having them around and even though they have brought some new challenges, your list hit so many good points on the nose. My youngest is finishing her 10th grade year this year, and we are counting down the days yet know they will go by too quickly. I’d love you to come visit my site and see what you think, family is definitely important.

  3. It’s an exciting time to see them grow into themselves. I have a 25 yr old stepson, and it’s been a great experience seeing him succeed. Thanks for another great read! Melissa xo

  4. This is such a lovely post, there is so many emotional thoughts and sometimes sadness when you think of your children growing up. But it’s lovely to focus on the positives! Thank you for sharing xx

    1. Yes, it’s been an emotional roller coaster for a few weeks! I am proud of how they are growing up, so that definitely helps! Thank you for reading 😊

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  6. Stepping out to expand a family through non birth means is truly a blessing. Not everyone can handle it! So proud of those who do it! May God bless you two fold for taking in his children.. Mary A

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